Introducing WTSWorkshop

Author: Areej AbuAli

Date: 31/01/2021

It's hard to believe that it's been six months since the Women in Tech SEO Festival, our first full day conference in honour of International Women's Day. We welcomed 250 attendees, learned from 11 speakers and enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at the Barbican Centre.

We managed to go ahead with it right before lockdown took full effect. During the summer, we launched WTSVirtual, our virtual meetups that helped connect our global community. The concept was simple: 30 minute talk followed by 30 minute Q&A. We welcomed 15 brilliant speakers throughout the months of May, June & July.

We're keen to kick off our global virtual meetups again but with a twist: Live Workshops!

Introducing #WTSWorkshop

Build a Datastudio dashboard with us live, conduct a technical audit live, walk us through an SEO analysis, get us started with python, etc…the list is endless!

1 hour session: Live workshop with Q&A

And this time round, I’ll work hard on getting at least one sponsor per session to support us which means:

Our speakers will get paid!

60% of a session’s sponsorship fund goes directly to its speaker! Because it’s about time this industry starts paying its speakers. We’ll ensure our sessions are recorded for our global community (sponsor fund = proper technology finally)


If you’d like to take part, fill this super simple form letting me know what you’d conduct the workshop on! Please provide a detailed outline of what the workshop would include. Please bear in mind this is not a talk/presentation, this will be a live workshop. The more specific, the better!


Sponsors, we need YOU! By sponsoring a session, at the very least, you will get:

  1. One exclusive sponsor per workshop
  2. Our event page will mention your sponsorship
  3. Social Media share and mention of your sponsorship support (LinkedIn:3K+ followers & Twitter: 6K+ followers)
  4. Share on our private Facebook & Slack community groups your sponsorship support when we promote our event (4K+ members)
  5. 60% of your sponsorship fund will go directly to our speaker which means that you're taking part in paying brilliant women in our industry for their hard work
  6. You will be supporting the Women in Tech SEO Community, I promise you that we are worth supporting! =)

We like to keep things transparent so sponsorship will be at £500 +VAT. If you'd like to support us: Fill this form

If there's anything additional you require over the above, then we can discuss a customised package. Get in touch for sponsorship info to learn more about our how to get involved.


Join our Facebook Group and/or Slack Community for details on how to RSVP and updates on future events. 🙌🏽

If you have any suggestions or feedback on how to make this community better and stronger, let me know – I’m all ears! Feel free to DM me directly.