WTS Mentorship Program

Author: Areej AbuAli & Naomi Sanderson

Date: 06/07/2020

Women in Tech SEO launched over a year ago and we didn't imagine it to grow to this extent. With over 1,400+ members on our Facebook Group, 830+ members on our Slack Community, weekly and monthly meetups; we knew it was time to launch our new initiative!

Introducing The Women in Tech SEO Mentorship Program!

This is a support program aimed for women in the SEO field, to discuss, share and learn from one another in a one-on-one virtual mentorship environment. Our goal is for both mentors and mentees of the Women in Tech SEO community to feel empowered and share that empowerment with one another.

We found these results to Jackie Chu's Twitter poll fascinating; 65% of women in SEO voted for male mentors.

So, we decided to do something about it!

This program is all about

Women Mentoring Women
. This is the value that this is community has been built on from the very beginning.

How Can You Take Part?

As with everything in our community, this is a free global initiative. Simply fill this form and choose whether you'd like to sign up as a mentor or a mentee. We, the program admins, will then do 1-1 match making based on your responses.

Mentorship Program Form

Key Information

  • Program Admins: Areej AbuAli & Naomi Sanderson

  • The deadline for filling the below form is July 8th (12PM BST) for Mentees and July 10th (12PM BST) for Mentors [Updated due to high demand].

  • We cannot guarantee matching every one but we will try our best to match as many people as possible

  • We have included both SEO and Soft Skills - see the form for more details

  • The program code of conduct is mentioned in the form and will be communicated again once matched

  • We will be in touch the week of July 27th with next steps

  • The mentorship program duration will be

    2 months

  • We aim for this to take place during the months of August and September

  • The program requires at least one 30 minute mentorship session per week

  • All program members must be part of our Slack Community as we'll have private mentor and mentee channels to post updates and answer questions

  • As this is a new program, we will be sending out feedback forms to both mentor and mentees at the end of the program to help us transform this program into a recurring one.

  • Note: This program is only open to those who identify as women.


Remember, this is the first cohort of the program. We'll collate feedback and plan for this to be a recurring initiative in our community. We're excited to see how it goes!