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WTSFest - One Month Later


Areej AbuAli

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It's hard to believe that it's been a full month since the Women in Tech SEO Festival, our first full day conference in honour of International Women's Day. We welcomed 250 attendees, learned from 11 speakers and enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at the Barbican Centre.

Since then, the world has come to a stop. With the rise of COVID-19, most events have been cancelled and we are very grateful that we managed to have our day - the one we spent 7 months planning and putting together.

You can find all the photos of the day here,the slides that were made public by speakers collated here and a massive list of thank you here.


So what have we been doing since?

  • We've been growing our Slack community to foster our virtual existance on a more global level. We now have 600+ members and you can join us here
  • Our Global Facebook Group is more active than ever and now has 980+ members
  • We started hosting Virtual Coffees on a weekly basis as a way to connect with one another
  • We've been hosting monthly Virtual Slack Meetups, some of our recent topics were: Managing Workload, Clients & Time, Pitching Tips and Presentation Prep for Public Talks and SEO for E-commerce
  • We've cancelled our meetup account and we'll be fully migrating to Tito.
  • We have London meetups and speakers scheduled for: Jun 4th, Jul 2nd, Aug 6th, Sept 3rd, Nov 5th, Dec 3rd (If we're unable to host some of these physically then we'll work on bringing them virtually)
  • Our Women in SEO Freelancers/Consultants list continues to grow, it now features 160+ brilliant women
  • We've been shortlisted to the National Diversity Award - you can vote for us here

Our values are the one thing that remains the same:

  • To Be Kind
  • To Be Helpful
  • To Be Respectful
  • To Be a Safe & Judgement-Free Community

If you have any suggestions or feedback on how to make this community better and stronger, let me know ā€“ Iā€™m all ears! Feel free to DM me directly.