WTSWorkshop Schedule

Author: Areej AbuAli

Date: 07/10/2020

We launched WTSWorkshop three weeks ago and weren't sure if there would be much interest. We now have sponsors confirmed till end of August and workshop speakers confirmed till end of February!

WTSWorkshop are 1 hour live workshops with Q&A - held fortnightly on Wednesdays at 5PM (UK time). They are not your regular powerpoint talk, they're live workshops that walk you through the 'doing' of things!

Sessions are free to attend for our community members and all sessions will be recorded to accommodate global timezones. Our speakers will get paid for delivering their workshops: 60% of a session’s sponsorship fund goes directly to its speaker (because it’s about time this industry starts paying its speakers!)

Here are our upcoming planned workshops:

Oct 28:
Helen Pollitt - SEO Migration [Sponsored by Sitebulb]

Nov 11:
Kelly Johnstone - Advanced Google Data Studio [Sponsored by ScreamingFrog]

Nov 25:
Izabela Wisniewska - Technical Audit [Sponsored by Sitebulb]

Dec 10:
Amanda Jordan - Local Audit [Sponsored by Impression]

Jan 19:
Upasna Gautam - Speaker Training [Sponsored by BlueArray]

Feb 3:
Natalie Arney - Internal Link Audit [Sponsored by Sitebulb]

Feb 17:
Levi Williams-Clucas - Local SEO: Google My Business [Sponsored by iTechMedia]

Feb 24:
Sarah Scarfe - Advanced Google Data Studio [Sponsored by BlueArray]

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