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Introducing WTSWorkshop


Areej AbuAli

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We first introduced WTSWorkshop in September 2020. WTSWorkshops are 1 hour live workshops with Q&A - held fortnightly on Wednesdays. They are not your regular powerpoint talk, they're live workshops that walk you through the 'doing' of things!

Sessions are free to attend for our community members and all sessions will be recorded to accommodate global timezones. Thanks to the support of our WTSPartners, our speakers and host will get paid for delivering the workshops (because it’s about time this industry starts paying its speakers!)

Workshop RSVPs open every two weeks and get sold out quite quickly. Join our Facebook Group and/or Slack Community for details on how to RSVP and updates on future events.

If you'd like to submit a speaker pitch for a future workshop, fill this form. If you're interested to sponsor a workshop, fill this form.

WTSWorkshop 2023

Feb 8:
Arianna Lupi - Career Progression

Feb 22:
Begum Kaya - Structured Data

Mar 8:
Tazmin Suleman - Stress Management (Sponsored by Search Magic)

Mar 22:
Sara Fernández - SEO and UX

Apr 5:
Claire Carlile - Local SEO

Apr 12:
Irina Serdukovskaya - GA4 Migration


Previous Cohorts

WTSWorkshop 2021

Jan 19:
Upasna Gautam - Speaker Training [Sponsored by BlueArray]

Feb 3:
Natalie Arney - Internal Link Audit [Sponsored by Sitebulb]

Feb 17:
Levi Williams-Clucas - Local SEO: Google My Business [Sponsored by iTechMedia]

Feb 24:
Sarah Scarfe - Advanced Google Data Studio [Sponsored by BlueArray]

Apr 14:
Kaitlyn Blosser - Site Auditing [Sponsored by DeepCrawl]

Apr 28:
Abby Reimer - Content SEO [Sponsored by]

May 12:
Niki Mosier - GMB Optimisation [Sponsored by Traffic Think Tank]

May 26:
Ulrika Viberg - Search Customer Journey [Sponsored by SEO for the Rest of Us]

Jun 9:
Barb Davids - Tracking & GTM [Sponsored by Traffic Think Tank]

Jun 23:
Adriana Stein - Content Audit [Sponsored by Optimist]

Jul 7:
Miracle Inameti-Archibong - SEO Forecasting [Sponsored by BlackTruck Media]

Jul 21:
Jess Peace - Content Strategy [Sponsored by Optimist]

Aug 11:
Kathryn Monkcom - How To Go Freelance [Sponsored by Sitebulb]

Sept 15:
Renata Gwizdak - Indexability [Sponsored by Onely]

Sept 22:
Jill Quick - Intro to GA4 [Sponsored by Onely]

Oct 6:
Christina Brodzky - SEO Path [Sponsored by Onely]

Oct 27:
Anett Pohl - Automated Reporting [Sponsored by Onely]

Nov 9:
Diane Kulseth - Accessibility [Sponsored by Onely]

Nov 24:
Aleks Zarzycka - SEOs & Developers [Sponsored by Onely]

WTSWorkshop 2020

Oct 28:
Helen Pollitt - SEO Migration [Sponsored by Sitebulb]

Nov 11:
Kelly Johnstone - Advanced Google Data Studio [Sponsored by ScreamingFrog]

Nov 25:
Izabela Wisniewska - Technical Audit [Sponsored by Sitebulb]

Dec 10:
Amanda Jordan - Local Audit [Sponsored by Impression]


Join our Facebook Group and/or Slack Community for details on how to RSVP and updates on future events.