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Introducing #WTSPodcast

weekly podcast starring women in the SEO industry

Hosted by:
Sarah McDowell & Areej AbuAli

We're on a mission to amplify all the brilliant women in our industry! Through our weekly episodes, you will:

  • Learn new SEO tactics in a fun and accessible way

  • Feel inspired by our guests' stories and what empowers them

  • Stay up to date with our latest initiatives and events

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If you’d like to take part, fill this super simple form letting us know what you’d like to talk about (the more specific, the better!) and we'll be in touch with you to schedule a podcast recording time. We'd love to hear YOUR story and we encourage first time speakers!

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Sponsors, we need YOU! By sponsoring a podcast episode, you will get a thank you at the start and end of your exclusively sponsored episode. Our episode page will mention your sponsorship. Shout out and thank you on social media for your sponsorship support (LinkedIn:5K+ followers & Twitter: 9K+ followers). Shout out and thank you on our private Facebook and Slack community groups (4K+ members). And most importantly, you will be supporting the Women in Tech SEO Community, we promise that we are worth supporting! =)

We like to keep things transparent so sponsorship will be at £500 +VAT. If you'd like to support us, simply fill this form.

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Our co-host Sarah McDowell has rebranded her previous podcast, SEO SAS, to WTSPodcast. You can access all SEO SAS episodes in the link below.

SEO SAS Episodes


Episodes go live weekly on Tuesdays. Our latest season, Season 3, is sponsored by Screaming Frog. Screaming Frog develop crawling and log file analysis software for the SEO industry.

You can find full transcriptions in each episode's Show Notes.