Women in Tech SEO

Mentorship Program

What is the WTSMentorship program?

WTSMentorship is a Women in Tech SEO initiative. It's a mentorship program for women & GNC folks in the SEO field to help mentors and mentees feel empowered and share that empowerment with one another.

Mentorship is the value that this community has been built on from the very beginning.

This is a mentorship program, not a training course, it involves mentors and mentees within the SEO industry, but the mentorship program focuses on soft skills such as Career Development, Leadership, Strategy and more.

Over the last four years, we have matched over 1,000 mentors x mentees, and the feedback that keeps coming through is terrific. We learn a lot from this feedback and apply the learnings to our future cohorts.

Meet the team

Our program trainer, Kathryn Monkcom, is a digital marketer and careers coach who will provide training sessions to our mentors and mentees during the program onboarding phase. She will then conduct weekly check-ins and provide guidance and advice to our mentors and mentees throughout the program.

Program structure

The program runs for two months, with a dedicated onboarding and training week before the first week. We have a maximum of 50 mentors x mentees. We recommend between 2 to 4 hours monthly requirement to connect with your mentor/mentee.

A private Slack channel will include separate areas for mentors & mentees. We will provide a program monthly structure, FAQ resources, training materials, weekly check-ins and feedback to all our mentors and mentees.

As with all our initiatives, the program is only open to women and GNC folks.

How can you participate?

As with everything in our community, this is a free global initiative. Simply fill out the below form and choose whether you'd like to sign up as a mentor or a mentee

(not both)
. Based on your responses, we will then do 1-1 matchmaking and match each mentor with a mentee. Our cohorts have a maximum of 50 mentors x mentees matched, so the more detailed you are in your response, the more helpful it will be to match you.

Join our free community to get access to our application forms and updates on our next cohort.

Key information for the upcoming cohort

  • Our next cohort will kick off in

    February 2024

  • The application form will open the week of

    February 26th

  • Due to high demand, the deadline for the application form is

    March 1st

  • Please review the program code of conduct, which is included in the application form

  • We will have a maximum of 50 mentors x mentees in this cohort, so we won't be able to match everyone

  • You can either sign up as a mentor or a mentee

    (not both)

  • We encourage repeat mentors, but prioritise new mentees

  • We will be in touch the week of

    March 18th
    with the next steps using the email you supply in the application form

  • Onboarding and training sessions will take place during the week of

    March 25th

  • The mentorship program cohort duration will be two months

    (April - May)
    and requires 2 - 4 hours monthly to connect with one another

  • All program members must be part of our WTS slack workspace, which you'll be invited to