Women in Tech SEO

WTSFest USA 2024

September 19th | Philadelphia

The Women in Tech SEO Festival is back in Philadelphia on Thursday, September 19th 2024!

A full day conference - 10 brilliant talks by 10 brilliant speakers

Analyse | Advance | Innovate | Empower

 Thursday, September 19th 2024

 8:00 - 17:00 (EST) followed by networking drinks

Convene CityView, 30 S 17th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Ticket includes
access to the full-day conference in Philadelphia, catering throughout the day, networking drinks and post-event recordings.

As with all our events and community initiatives, this event is for women and GNC folks. Recording tickets can be purchased by all.

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Session 1: Analyse

Bianca Anderson
Bianca Anderson
Marketing Manager, SEO, HubSpot
From Guidelines to Growth: Unleashing the Potential of E-E-A-T
Join Bianca as she takes the stage to discuss creating an EEAT Playbook in this new era of search. She'll be diving into the practical application of Google's official Search Quality Rater Guidelines, revealing actionable CTAs that can elevate your team's strategy, and showcasing real case studies.
Jamie D'Alessandro
Jamie D'Alessandro
Sr. SEO Specialist, Amsive
Crafting a Winning Formula for E-commerce Triumph
This is a talk about all things holiday! We’ll talk about how holiday efforts aren’t specific to SEO – they are a multi-channel effort for success. You’ll walk away with practical tips, frameworks and a new way to approach the most stressful time of year.
Krystal Taing
Krystal Taing
VP, Solutions, Uberall
Localizing Success: Creating a Digital Customer Journey That Drives Sales
This talk will focus on localizing the customer experience; exploring innovative strategies to tailor customer journeys to local contexts, using data-driven case studies. We'll cover techniques for identifying unique local needs and preferences, and how to adapt digital strategies to enhance engagement and conversion rates.

Session 2: Advance

Kavi Kardos
Kavi Kardos
Director, SEO, Uproer
In/credible: AI & Our Appetite for Truth
In this talk, Kavi will offer a broad overview of the evolution of internet discourse and how it’s led to our modern approach to the truth. She’ll explore how AI decreases our appetite for objectivity, and the responsibilities that we share as shapers of the internet to apply pressure to search engines to adopt best practices.
Purna Virji
Purna Virji
Principal Consultant, Content Solutions, LinkedIn
Make Inclusion the Default: Tips to Make Your Content Inclusive
Inclusion needs to be a default consideration in your content marketing campaigns. But that doesn't mean we let the Fear of Messing Up (aka FOMU) hold us back. In this talk, Purna will share tactics and strategies on how to make your content more inclusive, with a focus on accessibility and language.

Session 3: Innovate

Celeste Gonzalez
Celeste Gonzalez
SEO Strategist, RicketyRoo
SEO Testing Framework: Set Up Your SEO Test for Success
This talk will guide you through the process of developing ideas for your SEO tests, covering proposal preparation, progress monitoring, and result reporting. It will uncover insights into generating valuable test ideas and documenting results for analysis.
Navah Hopkins
Navah Hopkins
Evangelist, Optmyzr
PPC + SEO: How to Harness Changes to Enable Integrated Marketing
This talk will share three core actionable ways PPCs and SEOs can empower each other to better results, through PMax replacing Dynamic Search Ads, UTMs responsibility audit, and getting ready for a paid social first world.
Sam Torres
Sam Torres
Chief Digital Officer, Gray Dot Co
This is BigQuery: Unlocking Limitless Data in the Age of Looker
In this talk, Sam will work to demystify BigQuery and help marketers learn how to navigate the tool to make their data better and their reporting more performant. Attendees will feel ready to take on BigQuery and getting more out of their data across GA4 and GSC.

Session 4: Empower

Natasha Burtenshaw-deVries
Natasha Burtenshaw-deVries
Associate Director, Organic Growth, Flywheel Digital
Let's Train Our Way to a Better SEO Industry
Natasha will share her experience of diving head-first into the world of training SEOs and the challenges she's encountered along the way. Attendees will gain an understanding of these challenges and implications for our industry, be inspired to contribute to the growth of our industry through training and learn practical tips and exercises for doing so.
Heather Hamilton
Heather Hamilton
Senior SEO Specialist, Archer Education
Unleashing Your Authentic Self to Skyrocket Your Career
In this session, we will uncover your unique superpower and how to unleash it in the professional world, how to reframe thinking around executive presence and confidence, and tips to improve self-confidence and impact the energy and culture in spaces.


Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith
Founder, Worderist
Our Host for the Day!
Hannah offers creative content consultancy, training & support to help develop teams, improve processes and deliver results. Her work for clients has won multiple awards, & she’s spoken at numerous conferences including MozCon, SMX, SearchLove, & BrightonSEO.

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If you're unable to purchase a ticket using the embed below, simply follow this link.


Who can attend the event?
As with all our events and community initiatives, our in-person conference is open for women and GNC folks. Recording tickets can be purchased by all.

Where is the event taking place?
Convene CityView, 30 S 17th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

When will the event take place?
Thursday, September 19th 2024

What are the timings of the event?
Registration opens at 8am and the first session starts at 9am. The last session finishes at 5pm followed by our networking drinks. There will be several breaks throughout the day, including a lunch break. All timings are in EST.

Who is organising WTSFest USA 2024?
Areej AbuAli, the founder of Women in Tech SEO, alongside a brilliant crew. We will also have several awesome community members volunteering on the day.

I haven't attended before, can I see pictures from a recent conference?
Here is the online gallery for WTSFest USA 2023; we rehired the same photographer for 2024!

What does a ticket include?
Your ticket includes access to the full-day conference in Philadelphia, catering throughout the day, networking drinks and post-event recordings.

What does a Recording ticket include? 
Recording ticket includes access to recordings only, which will be sent post-event in October.

Will the recordings include captions? 
Yes, we will work with caption specialists to provide captions to our recorded videos. These will be in English.

Is there a code of conduct?
Yes, we prioritise the safety and comfort of our attendees, speakers and organisers. Read more about The WTS Way.

How does the 'Buy a Scholarship Ticket' option work? 
We will allocate Scholarship Tickets to those filling out our scholarship form. Buy one from your end, and we'll do the rest by assigning it from our end. Thank you for your generosity.

Are you giving away scholarship tickets?
Yes, thanks to our scholarship sponsors, we are giving away several tickets to those who cannot afford them. Fill out our Scholarship Form, and we'll contact everyone to inform them if they won a scholarship ticket in March.

How will I receive my ticket?
Your invoice and ticket will be sent via email after purchasing. On the day, show up at our Registration Desk, and we'll give you your lanyard.

Will food and refreshments be provided?
Yes, a delicious lunch, a light breakfast, coffee, tea, and snacks throughout the day.

Will I be able to ask the speakers questions?
Our agenda is tightly packed, so we won't have time for Q&A during the sessions, but our speakers will be around the whole day, so please do go up and ask them questions during the breaks.

Will I be able to network with other attendees?
Yes, we will have several breaks throughout the day and networking drinks; there will be many networking opportunities.

Can I connect with attendees before the event?
Yes, we will invite all our attendees to a private Slack channel a month before the event. It's a great way to connect with one another and make plans before the event.

I don't live in Philadelphia, and I'd like to book accommodation; where can I stay?
Here are a few hotel recommendations next to the conference venue: Hyatt Centric Center City Philadelphia ($$), Sofitel Philadelphia at Rittenhouse Square ($$) and The Westin Philadelphia ($$$). Our venue also offers a 12% discount on Sonesta using the following link: Sonesta Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square.

Is there parking near the venue?
Yes, our venue recommends Liberty Place Parking Garage (44 S 16th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102), which is opposite the venue, and they can offer a 20% discount.

I attended WTSFest before in Philadelphia; will this feel the same?
Yes, hopefully even better! We've upgraded to a new venue, but we'll keep the event small to ensure the experience stays as unique and intimate as our previous conference.

Can I pay directly by invoice?
No, we won’t be able to hold tickets, so please pay directly via Tito, our ticketing platform.

Can I sponsor the event?
Yes, we have a few sponsorship slots left. Please do get in touch via email (contact@womenintechseo.com) if you'd like to sponsor the event.

What does the sponsorship fee go to?
We use our sponsorship fee to pay for our catering, suppliers, and logistics fees, and most importantly, we pay our speakers a speaker fee (as all conferences should!)

I have specific accessibility needs that I'd like catered for; who do I ask?
You can email us at contact@womenintechseo.com - we'll work with our venue to ensure your needs are met.

I have a question not listed here; how do I get in touch?
You can email us at contact@womenintechseo.com