Women in Tech SEO

WTSFest 2023

March 3rd | London

The Women in Tech SEO Festival is back in London on Friday, March 3rd 2023!

A full day conference - 10 brilliant talks by 10 brilliant speakers

Analyse | Advance | Innovate | Empower

 Friday, March 3rd 2023

 9:00 - 17:30 (GMT) followed by after party

Barbican Centre, London, EC2Y 8DS

Full access ticket includes
access to the full-day conference in London, after-party and post-event recordings.

As with all our events and community initiatives, this is a women-only event.

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Session 1: Analyse

Yagmur Simsek
Yagmur Simsek
SEO Strategist, Re:signal
Information Architecture Audit for SEO Success
Determining the information architecture of a website is an important process when designing and optimising the structure of a website. This talk will dive deep into how to conduct an IA audit and make it part of your SEO strategy.
Syphaïwong Bay
Syphaïwong Bay
Founder, Assonance
Creating and Automating Content in a Meaningful Way
Copywriting needs to be considered from a holistic standpoint; merging technical and editorial. This talk will dive into a workflow to help you craft expert content even when copywriters may not have the required expertise to pull off helpful content on their own.
Chima Mmeje
Chima Mmeje
SaaS Content Strategist, Zenith Copy
The Six Keywords to Prioritise when Building a Topic Cluster
Three of the biggest issues people face when doing keyword research for a cluster are determining where to start, what goes in the cluster and what to prioritise. This talk explains the six keywords every topic cluster should have and how they can serve as a base for the cluster, provide clarity and eliminate confusion during keyword research.

Session 2: Advance

Myriam Jessier
Myriam Jessier
SEO Trainer, Pragm
Going down the image SEO rabbit-hole
This talk will cover compression algorithms, new image formats and how machines "see" images. You will finally know why people complain about .png files being so heavy and what lossy compression means. This talk is aimed at everyone looking to learn new things about image SEO.
Bethan Vincent
Bethan Vincent
Managing Partner, Open Velocity
Getting executive buy-in throughout your career
Despite being close to customers, data and insight, marketers often struggle to get wider business buy-in for marketing initiatives. This talk will cover how to build and present an argument to get budget and buy-in, how to demonstrate the value of SEO, how to confidently present to the C-suite and more.

Session 3: Innovate

Giulia Panozzo
Giulia Panozzo
Senior Manager, Search Marketing
Neuroscience of Search
This talk aims to uncover the psychology behind customer behaviour and how to optimise for real people. You will learn about the cognitive biases and heuristics that guide decision making at every stage of the customer’s journey, and how to apply this to increase your traffic and conversions.
Josephine Haagen
Josephine Haagen
SEO Executive, Journey Further
Natural Language Processing for SEOs
This talk will walk you through what natural language processing is and how it works, what makes BERT so well-fit for search engines, and how content can be optimised for natural language programs.
Lazarina Stoy
Lazarina Stoy
SEO & Data Science, Intrepid Digital
Data Storytelling
What is storytelling and what are the elements of data storytelling? This talk will explore the benefits and importance of conveying data through stories and the skills, techniques, and tactics you need to start using stories in your SEO consulting today.

Session 4: Empower

Helen Pollitt
Helen Pollitt
Head of SEO, Car & Classic
Levelling up your SEO Career
We all know that SEO is a broad and multi-faceted specialism that brings with it a lot of career options. But how do you determine what you want for your career and how to achieve it? This talk will help the audience understand how to design their perfect role, identify what parts of it can be achieved in their current workplace, and how to find roles that will allow them to develop into their specialisms more.
Leyla Okhai
Leyla Okhai
Founder, Diverse Minds UK
Standing in Your Confidence
Leyla Okhai is the founder Diverse Minds UK, where in her every day, she enables organisations to create mentally healthy and equal workplaces through coaching, training, speaking and consultancy. In this talk, she will cover what is confidence, how to stand in it and why it's a myth that women aren't confident.


Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith
Founder, Worderist
Our Host for the Day!
Hannah offers creative content consultancy, training & support to help develop teams, improve processes and deliver results. Her work for clients has won multiple awards, & she’s spoken at numerous conferences including MozCon, SMX, SearchLove, & BrightonSEO.

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Who can attend the event?
As with all our events and community initiatives, WTSFest 2023 is a women-only event.

Where is the event taking place?
Barbican Theatre, Barbican Centre, London (EC2Y 8DS).

When will the event take place?
Friday, March 3rd 2023

What are the timings of the event?
Registration opens at 9am and the first session starts at 10am. The last session finishes at 5:30pm followed by our after-party which will be till late. There will be several breaks throughout the day, including a lunch break. All timings are in GMT.

Who is organising WTSFest 2023?
Areej AbuAli, the founder of Women in Tech SEO. We will have a number of brilliant community members volunteering on the day as well.

Is there a code of conduct?
Yes, we prioritise the safety and comfort of our attendees, speakers and organisers. You can find our code of conduct here.

What does a Full Access ticket include?
Your ticket includes access to the full-day conference in London, morning pastries, afternoon lunch, snacks, after-party and post-event recordings.

What does a Recording ticket include?
Recording ticket includes access to recordings only which will be sent post-event by April 3rd.

Will the recordings include captions?
Yes, we will work with caption specialists to provide captions to our recorded videos. These will be in English.

How does the 'Buy a Scholarship Ticket' option work?
We will be allocating Scholarship Tickets to those who fill out our scholarship form. Simply buy one from your end and we'll do the rest by assigning it from our end. You can either buy a scholarship in-person ticket or a scholarship recording ticket. Thank you for your generosity.

Are you giving away scholarship tickets?
Yes, thanks to our Scholarship Sponsors and folks who buy scholarship tickets. We are giving them away to those who cannot afford to buy a ticket themselves. Simply fill out our Scholarship Form - you have the option to choose from an in-person ticket or a recording ticket. We will be closing it on November 30th and contacting everyone to inform them if they won a scholarship ticket or not in December.

How will I receive my ticket?
Your invoice and ticket will be sent via email after purchasing. If you have a Full Access ticket, then on the day of the event, simply show up at our Registration Desk and we'll give you your lanyard. For Recording tickets, you will receive your invoice via email and access to session recordings will be sent post-event by April 3rd.

Will food and refreshments be provided?
Yes, a delicious lunch, as well as a light breakfast, coffee, tea and snacks throughout the day and drinks at our after-party.

Will I be able to ask the speakers questions?
Our agenda is tightly packed so we won't have time for Q&A during the sessions but our speakers will be around the whole day, so please do go up and ask them questions during the breaks.

Will I be able to network with other attendees?
Yes, we will have several breaks throughout the day, as well as an after-party, there will be lots of opportunities to network.

Can I connect with attendees before the event?
Yes, we will invite all our attendees to a private Slack channel a month prior to the event. It's a great way to connect with one another and make plans before the event.

Will there be requirements to keep the event safe from COVID-19?
We will be closely following all UK government regulations as well as working closely with our venue, The Barbican, to ensure the event is safe. We will keep our attendees up to date with any requirements.

I don't live in London and I'd like to book accommodation, where can I stay?
There are lots of hotels within walking distance from Barbican Centre. A few options are: Malmaison London (High-end), The Montcalm at Brewery (High-end), YOTEL London City (Good-value) and Premier Inn London Farringdon (Good-value).

I attended WTSFest before in London, will this feel the same?
Yes, hopefully even better! We've upgraded to a bigger and better room but we'll be keeping the event small to ensure that the experience stays as special and intimate as our previous conferences.

Can I pay directly by invoice?
We won’t be able to hold tickets so please pay directly via tito, our ticketing platform.

Can I sponsor the event?
We have all the sponsors we need for WTSFest UK 2023 but we're currently looking for sponsors for our first WTSFest USA edition happening in September 2023. Please do get in touch via email (contact@womenintechseo.com) if you'd like to sponsor the event.

What does the sponsorship fee go to?
We use our sponsorship fee to pay for our venue, suppliers, photographer, videographer, logistics fees and most importantly, we pay our speakers a speaker fee (as all conferences should!)

Who are your suppliers?
We're proud to work with brilliant women to support us with our initiatives. Videographer: Chalkboard Creative, Photographer: The Chamberlins, Designer: Jazmin Batisti, Social Media: Jo Walters

How can I speak at a Women in Tech SEO event?
We open our speaker pitch form 8 months in advance of each event, keep an eye out for the next time we open it.

I have specific accessibility needs that I'd like catered for, who do I ask?
You can email us at contact@womenintechseo.com - we'll work together with our venue to ensure that your needs are met.

I have a question that’s not listed here, how do I get in touch?
You can email us at contact@womenintechseo.com