Women in Tech SEO

WTSFest London 2024

March 8th | London

The Women in Tech SEO Festival is back in London on Friday, March 8th 2024!

A full day conference - 10 brilliant talks by 10 brilliant speakers

Analyse | Advance | Innovate | Empower

 Friday, March 8th 2024

 9:00 - 17:00 (GMT) followed by after party

etc.venues, 155 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3YD

Full access ticket includes
access to the full-day conference in London, catering throughout the day, after-party and post-event recordings.

As with all our events and community initiatives, this event is for women and GNC folks. Recording tickets can be purchased by all.

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Grace Frohlich
Grace Frohlich
SEO Consultant, Brainlabs
Search Integration: How to Reunite SEO & PPC
This talk is about long-lost twins - SEO and PPC. In the effort to reunite the two channels, we will show you how to jumpstart your own cross-channel project. This talk will include practical tips on overcoming common challenges with channel integration.
Stevy Liakopoulou
Stevy Liakopoulou
SEO Expert, Search Magic
Turning Clicks into Revenue: A Video-Centric Ecommerce Strategy
In this talk, we're going to cover how videos can transform your e-commerce website turning the clicks into revenue. We will dive into the effectiveness of videos in products features, impact of videos in rankings, and how to craft video strategy for your e-commerce website.
Rasida Begum
Rasida Begum
Organic Strategy Director
Linking Technical Fixes to Performance Milestones
This talk will run through how to connect the dots between technical tickets and business goals. We will share how technical SEO can always go back to overarching business vision and link back to KPIs.


Emma Russell
Emma Russell
Founder, Oxford Comma Digital
The Future of Ecommerce
In this talk, Emma will use studies conducted on user behaviour during economic turbulence and the pandemic to understand how e-commerce businesses can better cater to shifts in user behaviour. We’ll go through how AI is shaping the e-commerce landscape by looking at announcements from tech companies to stay visible and relevant in the future.
Joyann Boyce
Joyann Boyce
Founder & CEO, Inclued AI
Starting with Bias in AI Might Be the Solution
In this talk, Joyann will take you on a journey to explore how bias and AI can be leveraged to create inclusive and impactful campaigns. Discover strategies which use bias as a tool for creativity, understanding audiences and AI content creation. Gain insights into the role of marketers in reshaping narratives, breaking stereotypes, and fostering positive change.


Sophie Gibson
Sophie Gibson
Technical SEO Director, StudioHawk
Where's Your <head> At?
This talk will run through everything an SEO needs to know about how to optimise the <head> for performance improvements - covering how Google crawls the <head>, to what tweaks you can suggest to improve site speed, how to show the impact of your suggestions to give proof of concept to developers in order to get your SEO changes implemented.
Billie Geena Hyde
Billie Geena Hyde
SEO Consultant & Founder, Uptake Agency
Technical SEO for Improved Accessibility
As SEOs we know how the technical foundations directly impact a users experience, but how often do we consider disabled users when implementing this work? In this talk, we will explore the relationship between technical SEO issues and website accessibility.
Veruska Anconitano
Veruska Anconitano
Multilingual SEO & Globalization Consultant
The Future of User-Centric Search Experiences
This talk will explore the untapped potential of implicit search intent, and dive into sociocultural and sociolinguistic factors. We will learn how to decode and leverage these cues for a truly personalised and impactful user experience, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and business growth.


Talia Loderick
Talia Loderick
Money Coach
Financial Wellbeing: What It Is and How To Get It
Financial wellbeing is the sense of security and ease that comes with knowing you can pay your bills today, and that you’re on track for a healthy financial future. Except, we’re continuing to live through a cost-of-living crisis. Take a deep breath, exhale and let’s talk money, with a view to moving from panic to preparation as we navigate these challenging times.
Helen Pollitt
Helen Pollitt
Head of SEO, Car & Classic
How to Future Proof your Career
SEOs have a significant breadth of knowledge beyond what we traditionally think of as the role of an SEO. The search landscape and user behaviour is changing and will continue to do so. This talk will help us show our value beyond Google and demonstrate the fullness and irreplaceability of our expertise.


Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith
Founder, Worderist.com
Emcee & Host of the Day
Hannah offers creative content consultancy, training & support to help develop teams, improve processes and deliver results. Her work for clients has won multiple awards, & she’s spoken at numerous conferences including MozCon, SMX, BrightonSEO & WTSFest.

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The Lowdown
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If you're unable to purchase a ticket using the embed below, simply follow this link.


Who can attend the event?
As with all our events and community initiatives, the in-person conference is open for women and GNC folks. Recording tickets can be purchased by all.

Where is the event taking place?
etc.venues, 155 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3YD.

When will the event take place?
Friday, March 8th 2024

What are the timings of the event?
Registration opens at 9am and the first session starts at 10am. The last session finishes at 5pm followed by our after-party till 8pm. There will be several breaks throughout the day, including a lunch break. All timings are in GMT.

Who is organising WTSFest?
Areej AbuAli, the founder of Women in Tech SEO, alongside a brilliant crew. We will also have several awesome community members volunteering on the day.

Is there a code of conduct?
Yes, we prioritise the safety and comfort of our attendees, speakers and organisers. Read more about The WTS Way.

What does a Full Access ticket include?
Your ticket includes access to the full-day conference in London, morning pastries, afternoon lunch, snacks, afterparty drinks and post-event recordings.

What does a Recording ticket include?
Recording ticket includes access to recordings only, which will be sent post-event in April.

Will the recordings include captions?
Yes, we will work with caption specialists to provide captions to our recorded videos. These will be in English.

How does the 'Buy a Scholarship Ticket' option work?
We will allocate Scholarship Tickets to those filling out our scholarship form. Simply buy one from your end, and we'll do the rest by assigning it from our end. You can either buy a scholarship in-person ticket or a scholarship recording ticket. Thank you for your generosity.

Are you giving away scholarship tickets?
Yes, thanks to our Scholarship Sponsors and folks who buy scholarship tickets. We are giving them away to those who cannot afford a ticket. Simply fill out our Scholarship Form - you have the option to choose from an in-person ticket or a recording ticket.

How will I receive my ticket?
Your invoice and ticket will be sent via email after purchasing. If you have a Full Access ticket, then on the day of the event, simply show up at our Registration Desk, and we'll give you your lanyard. For Recording tickets, you will receive your invoice via email, and access to session recordings will be sent post-event in April.

Will food and refreshments be provided?
Yes, a delicious lunch, as well as a light breakfast, coffee, tea and snacks throughout the day and drinks at our after-party.

Will I be able to ask the speakers questions?
Our agenda is tightly packed, so we won't have time for Q&A during the sessions, but our speakers will be around the whole day, so please do go up and ask them questions during the breaks.

Will I be able to network with other attendees?
Yes, we will have several breaks throughout the day, as well as an after-party, there will be lots of opportunities to network.

Will there be a quiet room provided?
Yes, we will work with the venue to provide a Quiet Room for our attendees.

Will there be a prayer room provided?
Yes, we will work with the venue to provide a Prayer Room for our attendees.

Why did you change the venue from previous years?
We weren't able to secure dates that worked best for us and we were keen to explore a new and modern venue that offers higher-quality catering and AV support.

Can I connect with attendees before the event?
Yes, we will invite all our attendees to a private Slack channel a month prior to the event. It's a great way to connect with one another and make plans before the event.

Is there a guide that can help me get around in London?
Yes, we've created a London City Guide for our attendees to help them make the most out of their time in the city, with a focus on the area our venue is in.

I don't live in London and I'd like to book accommodation, where can I stay?
There are lots of hotels within walking distance from our venue. A few options are: Andaz London Liverpool Street (High-end), Apex London Wall Hotel (High-end), Travelodge London City (Good-value), hub by Premier Inn London Spitalfields (Good-value) and Point A London, Liverpool Street (Good-value).

I attended WTSFest before in London, will this feel the same?
Yes, hopefully even better! We've upgraded to a brand new venue, but we'll be keeping the event small to ensure that the experience stays as special and intimate as our previous conferences.

Can I pay directly by invoice?
We won’t be able to hold tickets so please pay directly via tito, our ticketing platform.

Can I sponsor the event?
Please do get in touch via email (contact@womenintechseo.com) if you'd like to sponsor the event.

What does the sponsorship fee go to?
We use our sponsorship fee to pay for our venue, suppliers, photographer, videographer, logistics fees and most importantly, we pay our speakers a speaker fee (as all conferences should!)

I have specific accessibility needs that I'd like catered for, who do I ask?
You can email us at contact@womenintechseo.com - we'll work together with our venue to ensure that your needs are met.

I have a question that’s not listed here, how do I get in touch?
You can email us at contact@womenintechseo.com