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Interviewing Luce Rawlings

Date: 02/02/2023

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Luce Rawlings
Based in Newbury, Luce is an independent SEO Consultant who has been working in digital since 2015. With a mixture of agency and in-house experience, Luce is passionate about SEO, UX and relationship building; combining these passions to provide an integrated, educational and collaborative consultancy experience.

We asked her everything from how she first got into SEO to what empowers her to be the brilliant woman she is 💪🏽

How did you get into SEO?

My journey into SEO was an unconventional one. When I graduated, I decided I did not want to pursue a career in what I studied. I wasn't actually sure what exactly I wanted to do at all(!).

I applied for all sorts of jobs and ended up working in a secondary school. Then, by complete fluke, I ended up sharing an office with an ex-Microsoft marketer. We started collaborating on work projects, and she saw potential in me. She suggested digital marketing might be a good path to pursue.

Before I knew it, I had swapped the school office for a desk in a full-service agency. There, I supported the client services team with SEO & PPC work.

What is your favourite SEO task?

Technical SEO auditing fascinates me! Every website's structure and technologies present different SEO insights and challenges. So you never know what exactly you are going to uncover!

What is your go-to tool or resource that you can't live without?

There are many tools that I love, but the one that I love most is SISTRIX. It provides useful insights and the data visualisations are stunning. I couldn't live without the Visibility Index! SISTRIX really is a needle in a haystack.

What is something you learned in SEO that made you have an 'AHA' moment?

Every single day I experience "AHA" moments. Determining SEO was the path for me was the biggest "AHA" to date. I always craved a career which combined technology, problem-solving and relationship-building. SEO ticks all those boxes, and I love it!

What is your proudest industry achievement?

Vocalising my knowledge and thoughts has always been a challenge for me. I often feel there is a disconnect between my brain and my mouth! In the past, this has led me to shy away from speaking opportunities and focus on showcasing my expertise through words.

Last year, I had a "f*** it" moment and put myself forward as a podcast guest. Initially, I was nervous, but I eased into the experience. I really enjoyed it!

I'm not saying I will be getting on any stages soon. But this first step may pave the way for me to say "yes" to more opportunities in the future.

What advice would you give women who are starting out in SEO?

Don't feel pressured to know absolutely everything. SEO is a complex, subjective and ever-evolving specialism. Remember that learning is an ongoing process and that the SEO community is full of people to support you. It is physically impossible for a person to have vast knowledge and experience in every SEO area.

Give a shout out to a woman in the industry who inspires you and tell us why

There are SO MANY fantastic women in the SEO world who inspire me.

I've found Kristina Azarenko particularly inspirational during my time as a consultant. The evolution of Kristina's business has been amazing to watch. It is great to see what she has achieved over time and how, more recently, she has specialised in SEO education. In the past, I have had difficulty defining my career path. Seeing her discover her true calling has been a source of motivation for me.

And, of course, Areej AbuAli! Women in Tech SEO is such a fun and friendly community. What Areej has built and continues to expand is absolutely phenomenal. Thanks to her time and effort, many women have a safe space to learn from and support one another.

Finally, what empowers you to be the brilliant woman you are?

Life is too short to get hung up on yesterday’s woes! Instead, embrace past difficulties, learn from them, and shift your focus to the future.


Thanks Luce for a truly insightful interview! You can find out more about Luce on her website and connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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