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Interviewing Veronika Höller

Date: 30/01/2022

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Veronika Höller
Veronika is a Global Senior SEO Manager and has worked in SEO and PPC marketing for 12 years. She started as a copywriter and has continuously developed further into the direction of SEO and PPC marketing.

Over the years, Veronika has worked as a digital marketing manager in agencies and international companies, including CompuGroup where she is now. International SEO, Technical SEO, and the optimisation of landing pages are top of her priority list. She views SEO as a whole puzzle and not just individual sub-areas, hence why she trained herself in all areas – content, technology, and user-friendliness.

We asked her everything from how she first got into SEO to what empowers her to be the brilliant woman she is 💪🏽

How did you get into SEO?

I started out as a copywriter and ended up working for a Google Ads agency. I quickly realized that PPC and good content are not enough to support companies to get better rankings by Google & Co. So, I started to deal with SEO and continued to educate myself.

What is your favourite SEO task?

Of course technical SEO :)

What is your go-to tool or resource that you can't live without?

I love Screaming Frog, what else can I say!

What is something you learned in SEO that made you have an 'AHA' moment?

I come from paid search and learned very quickly that the channel SEO has a much longer dwell time, customers trust organic search more - customers simply have a completely different intention when they click the organic link than a paid ad. My AHA effect was how wonderful it feels when your site has finally reached the top 3 after optimization!

What is your proudest industry achievement?

I had a customer with several online shops who had already given up trust in agencies. We had several discussions and he absolutely didn't trust me. It was not easy to optimize his online shops in such a way that he finally achieved more sales. In November 2020 we had our project end conversation and he thanked me - he told me that October had been the month with the highest sales since he has started for 15 years. We started in June - I was very happy that he could finally believe in agencies again.

What advice would you give women who are starting out in SEO?

Never give up, always stay up to date, ask for help when you need it and, most importantly, always keep the big picture SEO in mind - there are so many parts that can be optimized.

Give a shout out to a woman in the industry who inspires you and tell us why

There are so many :) Alexandra Lindner, Irina Hey, Nicole Mank, Astrid Jacobi and many, many more.

Finally, what empowers you to be the brilliant woman you are?

I see everything positively, every hurdle, every stone - everything is feasible and has a reason. You can only grow if you fall. My family, my children, my husband, my friends and my four-legged friends give me my power. I love challenges and never stop learning, and in my eyes, as an SEO, I have the best job in the world.


Thanks Veronika for a truly insightful interview. You can learn more about her by connecting with her on LinkedIn.

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