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WTS Community Heroes


Areej AbuAli

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Introducing our new Slack Community Heroes Initiative!

A month ago, we posted a call in our Slack group to seek passionate folks who share our dedication to driving connections between community members, being helpful, and sharing knowledge.

We plan on running two hero cohorts this year:

  • Cohort 1
    : May to July

  • Cohort 2
    - September to November

Hero Responsibilities

  • Foster valuable conversations by actively engaging channel members within The WTS Way

  • Help shape our community’s future with what they've learned

  • 3-month commitment of 4-8 hours per month

Hero Appreciation Package

Why are we doing this?

This month marks five years since this community came to life (we put together a fancy video to celebrate!); and if it wasn't for our active community members, we would literally cease to exist.

Communities are all about giving and taking - our members give back so much to one another, and the more we work closely with them and understand their needs, the more engaged our community becomes.

Introducing our first cohort of heroes

With over 50 application forms to go through, and only 5 heroes for our first cohort, it was a tough decision!

We're so proud to introduce our very first cohort of heroes:

  1. Becky Hendriksen, Founder of Green Hearted

  2. Kylee Della Volpe, Sr. SEO Specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific

  3. Laura Nineham, Freelance Content Writer & Copywriter

  4. Nofisat Dopemu, SEO Executive at PHd

  5. Sofia Tyson, SEO Content Editor at Juro

I can't wait to work closely with our heroes in this cohort (and learn tons from them!). We started off with five channels, but once we gain some insights from this cohort's feedback, we plan to increase the number of channel heroes in our future cohorts.


If you're not part of our Slack group, you're welcome to join for free—simply fill out this form.

A massive thank you to Erin Simmons, for working on this initiative with me, and putting together lots of helpful onboarding and documentation for our heroes.