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Introducing WTSKnowledge


Areej AbuAli

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From Google’s most recent updates to brand new automation for technical SEO queries, learn from a wide range of underrepresented voices in our brand new Women in Tech SEO knowledge hub. 

Tired of hearing the same perspective time and again? Us too. It’s time to bring a new perspective to the world of news and education in SEO. 

With insights and knowledge coming from our incredible Women in Tech SEO community, this knowledge hub will amplify the expertise of underrepresented voices across a range of topics in SEO. 

What topics will we cover?

Similar to our WTSFest format, our topics will be categorised as follows:

  • Analyse

  • Advance

  • Innovate

  • Empower

What makes this different from other publications?

We’re big fans of doing things differently. We’ve carved out a fantastic space for women in the very male-dominated world of search. And our initiatives work to help us take up more space in this industry. 

WTSKnowledge is the next step in that. There are a number of well-respected SEO publications that are very good at sharing expertise. But all too often, women, nonbinary folks, and people of colour remain underrepresented.

Our publication stands out from the crowd in 3 main ways: 

  1. We are committed to exclusively publishing content from women and non-binary folks

  2. We provide editing support for all of our contributors

  3. Although we are a free community,

    involved in this is paid, from the initial project set up through to every article contributor and behind-the-scenes editing

The same way we pay our workshop trainers, podcast hosts, conference speakers, and everyone else involved in all of our initiatives. We believe everyone deserves to be paid for their time and expertise.

Why should I write for WTSKnowledge?

We want this to be a real opportunity to share your expertise and develop your skills. Not only do we pay every contributor, you will also have the chance to work closely with an editor throughout the process. 

This is great for a few reasons: 

  1. There’s no pressure for a perfect first draft

  2. This is a judgement-free zone. You will not be discounted or treated differently for your writing or English skills

  3. Our editors are native English speakers and are here to help you communicate your expertise as effectively as possible whether English is your first language or not

Your article will also (obviously) get a backlink to your website. And more than that, will be shared widely with our highly engaged community both in our Facebook & Slack groups and throughout our huge social media network. 

Which means more eyes on you and your expertise. 

How do I pitch for an article?

We have a Google Form you can fill in - the more detailed your pitch is, the better.

You can find the form here (and we’ve included some guidelines to help you tailor and format your pitch):

How does the application process work?

So here is how it all works: 

  • Fill in the form through the link above. Please provide as much detail as possible

  • Our team will look through the applications and select up to 6 articles at a time to schedule for publishing

  • You will be contacted by our team to let you know if you have been successful

  • You will have 2 weeks to complete the first draft of your article

  • Our editors will copy-edit your work and send it back with any questions or suggestions for change

  • You have 1-2 weeks to return your changes (the team will confirm deadlines with you. If you miss this deadline, your piece will be published with the editor's changes in place)

  • They will do a final proofread and publish the piece

  • You will be paid £250 for your articleThis is all made possible by our partners

Paying our contributors, our editors, and our behind-the-scenes team is a core part of how we function as a community. And all of these brilliant initiatives we work so hard on, wouldn’t be possible without our WTSPartners.

A massive shout-out and a huge thank you to our current partners who have made this, one of our most ambitious projects to date, entirely possible.

Shout outs

A massive thank you to Alice Rowan who brilliantly put together a comprehensive plan and strategy for launching WTSKnowledge. Alice has been writing copy for almost a decade. She now works on a freelance basis with SMBs and non-profits to clarify their message and get their content in front of the right people. You can learn more about Alice (and hire her!) through her website, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Thank you to Hannah Smith, who said yes to being our WTSKnowledge content editor. Hannah is the founder of Worderist and has more than 15 years of experience in the SEO industry. Her creative work for clients has won multiple awards. You can learn more about Hannah (and hire her!) through her website, LinkedIn and Twitter.