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Using ARIMA, Prophet, and Causal Impact to Prove SEO Success

In this article, we will look at three tools – ARIMA (AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average), Facebook's Prophet, and Causal Impact - and demonstrate how they can be leveraged to analyze SEO data effectively.

Jess Peck - Data Scientist, Weedmaps

May 2024

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It’s not you - it’s Google Search Console

Raiders of the Lost Console: A Thrilling Adventure in the Dark World of Google Search Console Data (in 11 Chapters)

Gianna Brachetti-Truskawa - Senior Product Manager SEO, DeepL S.E.

March 2024

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How Custom Extractions Can Level Up Your Reporting

This article shares some custom extraction ideas, highlights the benefits these can bring, and shows how these custom extracts can help you level up your SEO reporting and analysis.

Michelle Race - Senior Technical SEO, Lumar

January 2024

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Ecommerce Product Page Optimization

This article dives into the importance of product pages by looking at the current search landscape and how Google Merchant Center fits in; plus sharing some examples of product pages in the wild.

Jamie D'Alessandro - Sr. SEO Specialist, Amsive

January 2024

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How to Train SEOs for the Future of Search

In this article, Natasha shares her thoughts on what’s wrong with how we train SEOs right now, how that needs to change for the future, and practical tips and exercises to train other SEOs yourself.

Natasha Burtenshaw-deVries - Senior SEO Lead, Flywheel Digital

October 2023

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How to Create Demand for Niche Businesses

How to Create Demand for Niche Businesses When You're Stuck in a Keyword Research Rut

Morgan Petrov - SEO Lead, Chartis.io

August 2023

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