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Using ARIMA, Prophet, and Causal Impact to Prove SEO Success

In this article, we will look at three tools – ARIMA (AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average), Facebook's Prophet, and Causal Impact - and demonstrate how they can be leveraged to analyze SEO data effectively.

Jess Peck - Data Scientist, Weedmaps

May 2024

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Personal Branding for SEO Professionals

Stand out and land dream clients with powerful personal branding strategies. Learn how to amplify your voice, showcase your expertise, and become the go-to SEO authority.

Minnie Mururi - Founder, Witty Content Writers

May 2024

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Be an SEO Chameleon: How to Get a “YES” from Stakeholders

This article will share how to get that highly-coveted “Yes!” from different types of stakeholders, plus share suggestions to keep building momentum when working in enterprise SEO.

Ashleigh Noad - Senior SEO Consultant, Builtvisible

April 2024

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The Introverts’ Guide to Client Services

The article will walk you through helpful methods to build client relationships, to make each call or meeting less scary, and to get to the point where meetings and calls simply form a normal part of your working day.

Hannah Butcher - Freelance Marketer, Agency Angel

April 2024

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How to Upskill Yourself in SEO

In order to make an impact and drive results in this ever-changing ecosystem, the skill sets required for SEOs are evolving faster than ever and we need to keep up!

Sara Taher - SEO Manager, Workleap

November 2023

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Doing SEO with ADHD can be a lot - so here are the tips and tricks I've learned from years of chaotic content strategy that might help to make it a bit easier.

Hannah Brady - Senior Content Strategist, connective3

October 2023

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SEO to MVP – Thriving in your role in just 90 days

As SEOs, we’re great at building roadmaps for technical fixes or content releases, but not always so practised at writing them for our careers. A 90-day career roadmap can help you to identify what you can do in a short time-period to set yourself up for future success.

Helen Pollitt - Head of SEO, Car & Classic

August 2023

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